Volume 2, Issue One – February 2012

Our Board:
Mary Lee Batesko, PhD
Debra Ingrando-DeEntremont
George Lemery – Board Vice President
Joyce Reilly
Russ Rudish – Board President
Paul Speziale., Esq. – Board Secretary
Mariola Strahlberg – Executive Director
Newsletter editors: Mariola Strahlberg and Randee Baum

Events at the Shining Mountain:


  • Importance of Play & Movementfor the Developing Child – with Jeanne Schirm, RN,February 6th, 2012
  • Spring Cleanse – is that practice for you? – with Mariola Strahlberg, LAc.March 20th, 2012 at 8 pm


  • every New Moon at 7:30pm, please call the center for dates


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Volume 2, Issue One – February 2012

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Five Star Program

Today, many students struggle with aggressive behaviors, depression or poor concentration due to learning challenges, lack of movement, restless sleep and poor diet. For the past nine years, Shining Mountain Center has been helping students reach their highest potential. Through the use of a few simple, hands-on tools, practiced on a daily basis, students have demonstrated marked improvement in academics, sports and social skills in as little as twenty-one days.

The program can be used short or long term, assisting students in all aspects of their development, whether at home, in school, in after school program and in summer camp.

Five Star Program© consists of 5 simple steps: PACE, Attention, Vision, Essential Oils, and Deep Breathing.

Movement is essential to maintain one’s health and well-being. PACE, four simple Brain Gym® movements allows children to use both sides of their brains to make learning easier and more fun. Children are asked to give their full Attention to a task in twenty minute intervals and are allowed to take a short break. A T.A.B. (Take a Break Area) is set up in a classroom or bedroom corner with red, blue and green paintings, seasonal objects from nature and different texture. A child is allowed to spend 1-2 minutes in that area, to relax, refocus and return to their work with renewed concentration and enthusiasm.

Vision is the foundation of the Five Star Program©. Before starting any of the other steps, one sets positive intentions for the activity at hand. When we set intentions we become aware that what we say and think has a direct effect on how we feel and how easily it happens in our lives. Each intention is written with clear, positive words and begins with an “I” statement.

Essential Oils offer additional oxygen to every cell in the body within 20 minutes of application. Smell, unlike other senses, can exert a direct effect on the limbic system of the brain, it’s emotional center. We inhale the oils or use them topically to increase concentration, calm the nervous system and help with sleep.

Deep breathing is also crucial in oxygenating the brain. A vigorous, twice a day 10 minutes of walking or running (or some other type of aerobic exercise) helps us breathe deeper and is both fun and energizing.