Our Mission and Vision


Declaration of Children’s Rights (excerpt)

Love the child, not just your own,
Observe the child,
Do not pressure the child,
Be honest with yourself
in order to be honest with the child,
Know yourself, so that you do
not take advantage of a defenseless child.

                             -Dr. Janusz Korczak


Shining Mountain Center is dedicated to the work of Dr. Janusz Korczak (Henryk Goldszmit), 1879 -1942, a physician, educator and writer who devoted his life to orphaned children in Poland. To learn more about Janusz Korczak’s legacy in the US, visit korczakusa.com.

Our Mission 

Shining Mountain Center for Peaceful Childhood was incorporated in January 2007 to serve as a partner with parents, teachers, and healthcare providers to offer integrated and innovative solutions that address the challenges of today’s children and young adults and foster peaceful coexistence at home and in educational settings.

Our Vision

We seek to create a safe, nurturing environment where children can realize their unique potential.

We offer scholarships to those families who would not otherwise be able to attend the program. Please contact the Center at 413-358-1155 for information about scholarships and donor opportunities. Donations can be made online via PayPal.