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Help for Your Brain after
Hours of Zoom and Other Screens

Good focus and organization are the key to success at school and work. Achieving this with ease puts you in a good mood and enhances your creativity. Shining Mountain provides you with simple movements to do just that. Click here to learn and share them with others.


Does Your Child Struggle with These Challenges? 

Difficulties in school, home or camp?

Issues with reading, math, comprehension or handwriting?

Challenges with concentration, impulsivity or aggression?

Emotional ups and downs, sleep disturbances, eating problems?


Shining Mountain Center has the Answers

For your child who is experiencing difficulties in her or his life, we offer multi-disciplinary support that includes Japanese Acupuncture, Brain Gym®, Color Acu-Light Therapy, Sound Therapy, Essential Oils, Healthy Eating, support for Parents and Teachers, and much, much more.

Our experience shows that the use of a natural, integrated, and non-invasive approach over a four to six month period helps your child and strengthens your whole family.

Contact us today and learn how your child can benefit from our services.

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