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The Five Star Program® for Elementary and Secondary School Classrooms

The Five Star Program® allows us to bring our philosophy and a sample of our tools to public and private schools, summer schools and camps, after school programs and community centers.

The program consists of a few Brain Gym® movements, setting of intentions, focused attention and daily exercises. Once the children have learned these simple techniques, they continue on their own, as this program can be done easily with little space, time or supervision. Children feel the improvement in their lives, which reinforces their willingness to continue the program.

At the Shining Mountain Center, we are committed to bringing the Five Star Program® to as many children as possible. We offer training for your staff and classroom support.

Mariola gave a brief presentation in the school where I teach. When asked by my principal if I would be interested in having further training, I of course said yes. I worked with Mariola during that summer to prepare for the new school year. Mariola visited my kindergarten classroom a number of times during the year and provided me with wonderful training. By using the Five Star Program® with its Take a Break Area, I noticed that my students were calm, focused and were able to accomplish a lot of work. — kindergarten teacher

Contact Shining Mountain for information about bringing the Five Star Program® to your school, camp, after-school program, or center. Or call us in New York at 518-672-7093 or in Massachusetts at 413-358-1155.

*Brain Gym® (a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation) is a movement-based program that offers specific tools to enhance whole-brain learning.

The Five Star Program®: A Step-by-Step Teacher’s Guide to Innovative Classroom Strategies that Awaken Students’ Unique Potential

The Five Star Program® is a five-step process to help improve academic performance, manage stress, and foster a positive attitude towards learning.

It takes just a few minutes to do twice a day. It consists of the following simple steps (or “stars” since we are reaching for our highest potential):

1. Vision: Set a positive intention for the task you choose to do next.

2. Movement: Do four minutes of Brain Gym® movements.

3. Attention: Give full attention to your task for the next 20 minutes.

4. Take a Break: Relax and integrate input from your senses in a specially designed area.

5. Aerobic Exercise: Vigorously walk or run (preferably outside) for 20 minutes per day.

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