Why The Center for Today’s Children

Over the past thirty years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of children who require special services due to learning, behavioral and emotional issues.

From anxiety, phobias, stress and sleep disorders to very little time spent outdoors and in an unstructured play, our children are struggling. Teachers don’t always offer enough viable solutions to help your child succeed. Conventional medical approaches, with their pharmacological interventions, often have serious side effects.

So where can you turn for help? Since 2004, Shining Mountain Children’s Center has been offering integrated, therapeutic health and educational services with focus on the whole child.

Our Goal is to serve as a partner with parents, teachers, and healthcare providers in order to foster a peaceful coexistence for children at home and in educational settings. We are committed to assist your children to recognize their unique strengths, help them identify how to work through their challenges, and provide them with tools to enhance their well-being.

Our Results speak for themselves. We have helped hundreds of children increase their levels of motivation, improve their academic, fine arts and sports performance, and encourage them to use new ways to communicate and connect with their families, peers and educators.

Our methods, which combine in each session, dialogue, movement, nutrition and therapeutic modalities such as acupuncture, color, sound and essential oils, are non-invasive, and if used daily, produce results in few weeks and through continuous use, provide tools for lifelong success.

You, the parent play a critical role in Shining Mountain’s program; you attend all weekly sessions with your child and have the option to attend private sessions, lectures and retreats offered on and off site.


Five Start Program of Shining Mountain Center