Understanding Today’s Children: A Retreat for Parents, Teachers and Caregivers, with Mariola Strahlberg and Ilana Ackerman

Through reflection, journaling, sharing, movement, and working with color, sound, and essential oils, this retreat gives you a chance to feel the inner struggles of a child with special needs and will help you understand your own child better.

You will leave with concrete tools to transform your inner and outer relationship with your child, and hopefully, you will feel strengthened, supported, and confident enough to create a peaceful environment for yourself and your child for many years to come.

Ilana (left) and Mariola at the retreat



“Interesting, clear presentation of the material. I am not very familiar with holistic medicine type practice, so I enjoyed learning! I will definitely try some of these techniques with my children and when I am studying or need an energy boost! Thank you!” — Parent


“I am leaving energized and hopeful that this work makes a lasting and positive difference in children’s life. Together with another psychologist who attended the retreat, we will make a proposal to our superintendent to bring this work to our public school district.”
Middle school psychologist 


“I am grateful for allowing myself to take the time to come to beautiful Rowe, Massachusetts, to take this special workshop. I learned so much about myself, my child, my expectations, and my unfulfilled dreams. I am bringing back with me simple, powerful steps for inviting rhythm, joy and calm into our lives. Thank you Mariola and Ilana for this enriching experience”.
Lois L., parent and practitioner