Your Child’s Experience at the Shining Mountain

Visiting Shining Mountain Center for Kids

First Visit

When the child comes with you to the Shining Mountain, the attention is totally on your child during each visit. That is why the very first visit is either over the phone or at the Shining Mountain with you, your spouse or caregiver without your child.

During the first visit, Mariola learns from you about pregnancy, labor, your child’s first year of life: developmental and physical milestones. Your child’s physical, mental and emotional development is noted up to today.

Mariola will ask you why you and other family members would like your child to come to the Shining Mountain and what would the child’s teachers ask for. This in depth intake takes normally from 30-60 minutes depending on child’s age and complexity of the childhood story.

Subsequent Visits

For the second and subsequent visits, you will come with your child and you will stay with him or her during the 60 minute session. During the first part of the session, your task will be to observe and answer any questions that your child may direct to you during the dialogue they will have with Mariola. During the second part of the session, you will be learning special movements from Brain Gym® that you and your child will be doing at home. The third part of the session is a treatment. Depending on the session, your child will experience acupressure, color, sound or essential oil techniques. There is homework, approximately 10 minutes per day for your child and you and a special weekly reflection exercise for you.


My daughter, Lea (age 10) enjoyed Mariola’s program. What seemed to be the most important factor for her was the quality of presence that Mariola brought to the sessions. She loved being fully heard and sensed the non-judgmental and safe atmosphere that Mariola has seamlessly created. It really was awesome for me to take part in the sessions because I was able to learn the importance of my complete and full presence when I am with my children.

Joan M., parent