Six Best Doctors in the World

Best Doctors in the World

How to Have Good Health
by Mariola Strahlberg

Sunshine – Get at least 20 minutes per day of direct sunlight any time you can get it during the winter (before 11 am and after 4pm in the summer). If you don’t get the chance to expose at least your face and hands to the sunlight, take Vitamin D3 every day and test your D3 levels at least 2 times per year;

Water – Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water. If you drink coffee or black tea, add an extra cup of water for each of them. 1 ounce of juice + 7 ounces of water count as 8 ounces of water;

Rest – Take power break of 10-20 minutes once a day, go to bed before 11 pm and sleep for at least 7 ½ uninterrupted hours;

Air – Take a minimum 20 minutes walk outside each day;

Exercise – Exercise 5 -7 days per week of 30-60 minutes per day (includes your 20 minutes walk). Change exercise routine at least every other day.  Exercise less during the winter and don’t push as much as during the summer;

Diet – Eat for your health. If you aren’t sure what to do, start with Mediterranean Diet. Pick up some books from your local library on various healthy diets and see what speaks to you.

You  and your child can have good health for many years to come if you follow these simple steps.