BRIDGE meets Shining Mountain

Gwendolyn Hampton VanSant,
Executive Director of the Multicultural Bridges, Inc. (BRIDGE) in the Berkshires, MA has invited Mariola to offer a one week camp program in August 2010. BRIDGE has partnered with Norman Rockwell Museum to provide a Multicultural Summer Program promoting literacy, tolerance and healthy living for kids ages 5-8 through reading, storytelling, outdoor activities and the arts.

Mariola first offered training for BRIDGE’s teachers and parents of special needs children and than join the campers and the stuff for the afternoon sessions. The program offered five simple steps for better concentration, coordination and ability to learn with ease using few movements from Brain Gym®.

Children were introduced to simple stress reduction techniques, what to do in situations of conflict and when they are bored. They created their “Take a break area” for their homes or as many of them named it “Their sacred space”. To see pictures from the BRIDGE summer camp program, go to ….

Shining Mountain and BRIDGE plan many more activities in the future.

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