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In our fast-paced world, balance is often elusive. Is the pace at which we are trekking through our lives one in which we are actually present or are we doing without really taking notice of what we are doing and how we are doing it? It would be well worth our time to take a pause throughout the day to check in with ourselves and to assess if we feel in balance. We might not even be aware of what balance actually means to us.

A good time to take this pause is when we eat. Are we eating in a rushed, frenzied way or are we actually sitting down while chewing our food and taking note of the color and texture? Are we able to taste the subtle, different nuances in each bite?
Paying attention and being mindful helps us come into balance, because it brings us to the present moment. It is the quality of our moments that creates the tapestry of our lives. Remaining steady within the flux of everyday living, takes time and attention.
What better time than the holiday season is there then to give the gift of balance to ourselves and our families by taking a minute to pause and hold hands before we dig into a meal or before we set out on a day’s adventure. Being balanced may look different for everyone, but isn’t today the perfect time to evaluate what it means to you?  Elissa Menasse, RN – December 15th, 2015

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My family and I look forward to visiting your center. We feel more relaxed and grounded after our treatments. Thank you Mariola! – Anna, Jim, and Carry – May 2019