Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating: Food is the body’s fuel, yet we often don’t know how much, what kind and what quality of food is suitable for us. Appropriate food helps children be more alert, creative, calmer and healthier. Using a dietary log helps us understand children’s current nutritional profiles and allows us to make recommendations in food, fluids and enzymes that may improve their health, mood and performance. There are many ways of looking at eating. In the Center, we spend one session in the kitchen trying different foods, some familiar while others are not. Parents have an opportunity to go to the health food store with an “expert” to get help with their groceries. Simple menus and recipes are provided and children are encouraged to prepare nourishing meals to share with their families.

Feeding Your Child’s Brain

“It’s so simple, so simple. If your child had a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, cannot concentrate in school or at home, has low grades in school, suffers with allergies, …….or has a cold or bacterial infection more than once a year, I suggest that you remove sugar (all forms) from his or her diet for two weeks….Once sugar has been removed from the diet, energy levels increase, concentration levels become strong and self-esteem improves.” From “Lick the Sugar Habit” by Nancy Appleton, Ph.D.


I never tried so many new food: peas, walnuts, apricots, peppers, cashews, mango, power bars, even sprouts. I didn’t like cashews and peppers but I made a promise to my Dad to try one new food each day and to taste it at least 3 times.

— Leo, 3rd grade

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