Conscious Language

We know that words affect us – some make us happy and motivated, others make us sad. In the Center, we learn to use the words that help us be the best we can be. We learn about Dr. Emato and his fascinating discovery that water is extremely sensitive to vibrations such as music and speech and since we are more than 70% water, we now pay closer attention to what we say, what we hear, and its effect on us.


Messages from Water, Vol. 1, Masuto Emoto, 1999, Hado Publishing
The Hidden Messages in Water, Masuto Emoto, 2004 English, 2001 Japanese
The Secret of Water – For the Children of the World, Masuto Emoto, 2006, Beyond Words Publishing, Inc.


…Conscious Language was by far the biggest eye opener. For example, “sure Mom I will try and clean my room later.” When I used to say that, I knew I would only do it if I was forced to. Now when somebody tells me that they will try and help me, I automatically know that this is someone I can’t count on 100%. “I will, I know, I can” are so much more powerful, and whether we realize it or not, these little phrases affect our efforts each day…

– Jonathan L., college student

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