Color Acu-Light Therapy (Colorpunctureâ„¢)

Color Acu-Light Therapy (Colorpuncture™) is one of Europe’s most popular new alternative healing modalities. The founder of the Colorpuncture™ is a German naturopath and acupuncturist, Dr. Peter Mandel, who for the past 40 years integrated the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine with the latest findings of modern photon physics. His system offers a systematic method of using colored lights at the acupuncture points to facilitate exchange of information between physical and subtle bodies. As has been attested by modern physics, light is energy as well as information. Each color has a specific electromagnetic wavelength. It has been also observed by German biophysicist, Dr. Papp, that healthy cells exhibit steady stream of biophotons, while unhealthy cells have increase emission of biophotons, which affect neighboring cells leading to incoherence and disease. Given that the human cells exhibit energetic properties of light, and that light and color have a modifying effect on the body’s system of energetic information, Dr. Mandel uses light and color to restore health.

Colorpunctureâ„¢ is gentle, pain-free, there are no side effects and is cost effective since many therapies can be done at home. In our Center, color is used in many different ways: Colorpunctureâ„¢ treatments, color tonations, color lights at home and color baths.


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– OGT – Peter Mandel, 2005, AALEXX Druck, Grossburgwedel
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An Introduction to Colour Energy®
Inger Naess, Colour Energy Corporation
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I was so surprised to feel the coldness of violet and the warmth of the red color. The coolest thing was to feel something in my knee and my hip when Mariola was shining color light on my fourth toe!

— Daniel C, age 11


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