Brain Gym®

Brain Gym® (a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation) consists of 26 simple movements that enhance whole-brain learning.  Brain Gym® is one of the core activities in our Center. Children are introduced to a subset of Brain Gym® movements and are encouraged to perform them every day before going to school, before a test and before doing their homework. Parents are encouraged to do the movements with the children and are asked to observe subtle changes in children’s learning abilities and behavior.

Brain Gym® has been developed by Paul Dennison, PhD, a remedial educational specialist and founder of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation. He developed Brain Gym® over a period of 25 years, and has also been a director of California’s Valley Remedial Group Learning Centers.

Dr Dennison has been an educator for all of his professional life. His work is based on an understanding of the interdependence of physical movement, language acquisition and academic achievement. He and his wife, Gail Dennison have published fourteen books and manuals, among them,

Brain Gym® – Simple activities for whole-brain learning – Paul E. Dennison, PhD and Gail Dennison, 1986, Edu-Kinesthetics, Inc

Brain Gym® – Teacher’s Edition Revised
Paul E. Dennison, PhD and Gail Dennison, 2010
Edu-Kinesthetics, Inc

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…As a teacher, I have followed the development of the Children’s Center with interest; now I have experienced the program with its possibilities for growth and change. I experienced that the Brain Gym exercises are energizing and a two week liver cleanse has shifted my eating and created more energy. I began an exercise class to which I have remained committed with good results. These simple achievements created momentum which inspired me to address life long issues I’ve had regarding speaking.

— Susan L.

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