Current Adjunct Services Include:

Individual/Family Counseling: (MA only) This service provides help in identifying  language and postures that create adversity  at home or at school. Using role-play and new listening and communication methods, we help parents and children take responsibility for their own actions and feelings resulting in a happier and healthier environment.

Pre-conception/Pre-natal programs for Parents: Many couples struggle with the decision to have children and often experience infertility issues. Our Center offers a 12 week program for couples to address health, emotional and spiritual challenges that arise during this process, as well as assist in the preparation for the arrival of the baby.

Retreats/Classes for parents, teachers, healthcare providers: Taking time to rethink current situations in a relaxed, pressure-free fashion is a luxury in today’s time. We strongly feel that it is important to take 1 or 2 day breaks to learn new ways to look at things, role play, brainstorm and come back with tools to apply to the situations at hand.


I used to not be confident and I would easily get frustrated. I’ve come a long way. I don’t say as many bad things about myself,
my attitude has improved and I am more focused. I am glad I’ve finished and I think I’m finally where I want to be.

— Andrew T., age 10

Special Programs for Adopted Children: Our many years of experience at the Center have shown an increase in the number of health, emotional and learning issues within the community of adopted children. Through our innovative methods of color, essential oils, healthy eating, and Brain Gym® we found that these children are able to overcome their past traumas and find ways to live more peacefully with their families.

School, Camp, Community Center In-service Programs: Many organizations are searching for ways to improve behavior in classrooms and methods to make learning easier and more fun. We provide training for teachers that can also include hands-on training in the classroom setting.

Yoga (Parent-Child and Prenatal): (MA only) During Prenatal Yoga, pregnant women learn safe stretching and strengthening exercises helping them increase stamina and concentration for labor. During Parent-Child sessions, family members practice yoga together assisting each other in the yoga postures.  Many parents find this experience to be unique and lots of fun.

Compassionate Communication for Self and Families: Based on the works of Marshall Rosenberg (Non-Violent Communication), compassionate communication provides individuals with a consciousness and techniques to clearly identify feelings and needs in order to communicate and listen more effectively.