Welcome to our world

a world of possibilities, miracles, individuality, choices and gratitude.
We are leaving behind a world of expectations, doubts,
statistics, standards and classifications.

Shining Mountain Center

offers multi-disciplinary support to children who are
experiencing difficulties in their lives.

Our experience shows that the use of a natural, integrated,
and non-invasive approach over a four to six month period
helps the child and strengthens the family.

Declaration of Children’s Rights


“Love the child, not just your own,
Observe the child,
Do not pressure the child,
Be honest with yourself
in order to be honest with the child,
Know yourself, so that you do
not take advantage of a defenseless child.”

—Dr. Janusz Korczak


Shining Mountain Center

is dedicated to the work of Dr. Janusz Korczak
(Henryk Goldszmit 1879-1942), a physician, educator and
writer who devoted his life to orphaned children in Poland.